School Uniform
The compulsory school uniform
1. For Class Nursery Blue frocks with white collar and sleeve with band.
2. For Class K.G - V Blue frocks with white piping
3. For Class VI- X Royal Blue Skirts without pockets and light blue blouses with monogram (L.C.E. in royal blue) on the pocket.
4. For Class XI and XII Blue Skirts and white blouses with monogram (L.C.E. in blue) on the pocket.
5. P.T. Blue checked skirts and white blouses (with blue checked collars and sleeve with bands. )
6. Hair (i) Hair below shoulder length should be neatly plaited.
(ii) No coloured clips, bands or combs should be worn. Only black rubber band is permitted.
7. Jewellery And Make Up (i) No jewellery except small earrings.
(ii) Nails should be neatly cut. No coloured nail varnish is allowed on finger nails or toe nails and no mehendi on hand or colouring of hair is permitted.
(iii) Students are not allowed to wear Pants or Jeans in the school campus except as a costume for a drama.
Note :
  1. For Winter Uniform Students have to contact Class Teacher of the respective Classes.
  2. Personal property e.g. books, cardigans, bags etc. should be marked with the name of the owner.

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