Fees Regulations
  1. The school fees of Day Scholars are to be paid by the 15th of the current month into the Canara Bank, Entally Branch, Kolkata - 700014.
  2. A penalty fee of Rs. 50/- per child per month must be paid after the due date, but on or before the last day of the month for which it is due. If fees are not paid for 3 consecutive months the name of the pupil concerned is liable to be struck off the rolls without any prior intimation to the guardian.
  3. The name of the child, the class and the section must be written on all three portions of the pay-in-slip contained in the Bill Book.
  4. Annual charges, Misc charges, science fee, SUPW and examination fees are to be deposited in the bank by April / May.
  5. No deduction is made for absence of a child during holidays or for broken periods.
  6. Fees for September and October should be paid by 15th September.
  7. Please clear fees for March of the current year by 15th February.
  8. Class X (ICSE) class XII (ISC) must pay all fees upto and including March, before 15th February.
  9. A calendar month's notice must be given before a child is withdrawn from the school OR A MONTH'S FEES PAID IN LIEU OF NOTICE.

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