Total Achievements : 37

Event: Youth Felicitation Program
Event Venue : AMITY University, Rajarhat
Event Date : 18th May, 2019
Description :

On 18.05.19, AMITY University had conducted a Youth Felicitation Program in the city for all ISC toppers from different schools. The following students were awarded from LCE

(L-R): Hafsa Siddiqa, Marina Lisa Chowdhury, Sana Shaheen.

Event: Inter Loreto Shakespeare Festival
Event Venue : Loreto Day School, Dharmtalla
Event Date : 26th Apr, 2019
Description :

The Inter Loreto Shakespeare Festival was hosted by Loreto Day School, Dharmtalla. Each of the Loreto Schools enacted a scene from one of Shakespeare's plays. Loreto Convent Entally enacted Act IV Scene I from Macbeth and it eas a most enriching experience. LCE was awared the title- 'The Magic Weavers'.

Event: Xavo Christ
Event Venue : St. Xaviers Collegiate School
Event Date : 31st Jul, 2018
Description :

Event: Xavo One Minute (One minute to Fame)

3rd Position- Jacinta D'cruze from class XI- I.

Event: Xavo Christ
Event Venue : St. Xaviers Collegiate School
Event Date : 31st Jul, 2018
Description :

Event: Xavo Dance (Group Western Dance)

3rd Position- (L-R) Shreya Naskar, Marina Lisa Chowdhury, Serena Toppo, Jacinta D'cruze, Sakshi Shina, Dorris Chien Chu, Sonia Veronica Mondol.

Event: Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony
Event Venue : Loreto Convent, Entally
Event Date : 28th Mar, 2018
Description :

The Gold Certificate & Trophy was awarded to Rabab Zabi of class XII Arts for— Outstanding Attendance for the past 13 years.

Event: Eco-Fest
Event Venue : St.Thomas Day School, Kolkata
Event Date : 3rd Nov, 2017
Description :

Loreto Convent Entally achieved 3rd Position.

Event Wise Achievements:-

1.       Coconut Craft- Faustina Williams (6-II ), Nikita Nancy Rozario(6-I),  Position – 2nd

2.        Toy Making- Shumail Fatima (6-II), Rittika Das(6-I), Position- 3rd

3.       Jute Craft- Nandini Roy(8-I), Mahrosh Khanam(8-I), Position- 2nd

4.       Mask Making- Sanchita Sadhukhan(6-II), Heeba Rahaman(7-I), Position- 3rd

5.       Slogan Writing- Shreyashi Poddar(7-II), Position- 1st

6.       Glass Painting- Alisha Rahaman(7-II), Position- 1st

7.       Waste Paper Basket Designing- Neetika Agarwal(7-III), Isha Agarwal(7-III), Iram Firdash(8-I), Position- 2nd

8.       T-Shirt Painting- Sania Neogi(7-III), Position- 3rd

9.       Rangoli- Sangeeta Shaw(8-III), Shweta Roy(8-III), Jyoti Shaw(8-I), Simran Rana(8-III), Position- 1st

Event: Motion Reel Videography Contest
Event Venue : Kala Mandir
Event Date : 31st Oct, 2017
Description :
The 'Festival D'Agusto, 2017' was hosted by St. Augustine's Day School, Kolkata. The event was on 30th & 31st of October' 2017. Day 1 event was held in their school campus & Day 2 event was held at Kala Mandir. Our students Rashi Agarwal (XI- Commerce) & Ahana Sinha (IX-I) stood 2nd in Motion Reel (Videography Contest). The topic was 'Our School' & the winners were decided through the highest numbers of likes, views & shares in the host schools YouTube & Facebook page.
Event: Sir Clifford Hicks Memorial Inter-School Debate
Event Venue : Calcutta Boys School
Event Date : 14th Oct, 2017
Description :

Sir Clifford Hicks Memorial Inter-School Debate was organised bt the literary Society of Calcutta Boys School. Our student Ankita Som from Class XII- Humanities was awarded as the Best Speaker of the Debate along with the Principal's special Award for Interjection. This debate was also coverd by Young Metro, Telegraph.

Event: Psychology Quiz 2017
Event Venue : Fortis Hospital
Event Date : 25th Aug, 2017
Description :

Our children won the online round of Psychology Quiz 2017 organized by Fortis Hospital,and were in top 13 in Eastern zone, among 460 schools all over India.

Event: Science Milieu at La Martinier's for Girls
Event Venue : La Martinier's for Girls
Event Date : 18th Aug, 2017
Description :

There was a Science Milieu at La Martinier's for Girls on 18th of August 2017 and four girls had participated. 

There was an Audio-Visual Presentation on the topic "sustainable development in technology is the key to our progress" and our girls (Ahana Sinha & Anushka Mukherjeeemerged as the winners.
There was a debate on the topic "Sustainable practices in Science and Technology are cost effective" and our girls (Aditi. A. Sanjay & Swastike Sainwere the 2nd runners up.


Event: The Telegraph School Awards
Event Venue : Ballygunge Shiksha Sadan, Kolkata
Event Date : 12th Aug, 2017
Description :

Our school participated in "The Telegraph School Awards for Excellence 2017" and received certificates of Honour for  "Excellence in Maintenance and Eco-Friendly Initiatives"

Event: Lifetime Achievement Award
Event Venue : Ballygunge Siksha Sadan
Event Date : 12th Aug, 2017
Description :
Mrs. Anita Nangia- an ideal teacher. She possesses so many qualities that makes her hold the position of a role model before her students.
Mrs. Nangia’s teaching ability was such that she was able to attract the attention of the students easily. Her deep & vast knowledge of Home Science was clearly translated from the Guru to the children.
Ms. Nangia was able to clear away student’s fear of studies and to turn them into store-house of knowledge without which a refined and higher life cannot be lived.
Miss Nangia successfully like very few was able to inculcate certain virtues among her children such as regular studies, punctuality, care of health, healthy food habits, equal emphasis on reading & writing, perseverance and kind heartedness.
Miss Anita Nangia is deeply and sincerely missed by all, in the staffroom and in the classroom. GOD bless her.
Total Achievements : 37

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