Superior's Message
Superior Message

Our Foundress, Mary Ward, many centuries ago, advised her Sisters thus: "This is Verity (Truth); to do what we have to do, well. Many think that it is nothing to do ordinary things well, But for us, it is."

Today's philosophy emphasizes attention to the present moment, to the here and now. Mary Ward, our Foundress, could be saying the same thing in the above quote. To learn these simple values is to lay the foundation for a life of Integrity, Sincerity, Freedom - the charism of Loreto.

The simple, homely atmosphere of Loreto Entally and the caring attitude of teachers, ensure that children learn 'simple living, and high thinking'.

Entally has a way of capturing the heart and mind, and I am very happy to be here for another year; very happy to have Ms. Jessica Gomes Surana as our new Principal, very happy to interact with our warm-hearted Staff, and indeed very happy to be here for our delightful children.

This academic year, the Staff are undertaking ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Training, and I am hopeful that this will be a catalyst for taking our children forward into a new era of advancement in learning. I know our parents will welcome this innovative face of Loreto Entally. Blessings to the entire Loreto family, and indeed to all who walk this path of Wholeness and Truth.

Sr. Antoinette Rodrigues
Sr. Superior
Loreto Convent, Entally

Superior Message

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